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           The Academic Council for the PCAS, Pudukkottai was constituted with the following purposes:

a.       to formulate the academic aims of the College

b.       to oversee the quality of education in the College

c.       to monitor the learning process and modify it to suit the requirements of the student and their employ-ability in job/entrepreneurial      markets,

d.       to establish such Policies that will promote all the above.

1.                  The Academic Council is responsible for matters affecting the teaching, learning and research function of the college, the establishment of college objectives and  priorities, the development of long-term and short-term plans and the effective use of resources in the course of these pursuits.

2.                  The Academic Council shall enable the preparation of time bound master plan for developing and introducing various degree programmes in accordance with the  objectives of Karuppaiah Pushpathammal Educational and Charitable Trust and Monitor its implementation.

3.                  The Academic Council shall be the policy-making body for the college in such areas as curriculum, quality of instruction, and admission policies that affect the academic life of the college.

4.                  The Academic Council shall benchmark the learning and teaching processes in the college against national and international standard of excellence and ensure continuous quality enhancement which is underpinned by learning-edge developments in pedagogy, research and scholarship.

5.                  The Academic Council shall also make Research and Development and outreach policies in agriculture and allied fields and enable programme development for achieving them.

6.                  The Academic Council shall include the following as members.

o   Chairman and Managing Trustee (or on his behalf one of the members of board of trustees nominates by him specifically for this purpose)

o   Any one of the Deans nominated by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

o   Secretary, Pushkaram College of Agriculture Sciences, Pudukkottai.

o   Principal, Pushkaram College of Agriculture Sciences, Pudukkottai.

o   All head of departments of Pushkaram College of Agriculture Sciences, Pudukkottai

o   One boy student representative nominated every year by the chairman and Managing Trustee

o   One girl student representative nominated every year by the chairman and Managing Trustee

7.                  The Academic Council shall initiate all action and proposals to advance its aims and purpose. The council shall receive proposals from any member of the college community on matters of Council concern, discuss and make recommendation on it.

8.                  All Proposed Changes in the College that affect council’s concern shall be informed to the council by its convener, the Principal. The Academic Council shall be given a timely notice and the opportunity to review and make a Recommendation on   introduction of any new Courses/Academic programmes and addition or closure of departments.

9.                  The Chairman and Managing Trustee (or the Member of the Board of Trustees nominated by him) shall preside over the academic council Meetings.

10.              The Principal shall be the Convener for the Academic Council and conducts its meetings not less than four times in a year. The date and agenda for such meeting shall be finalized by the Principal in consultation with the Secretary.

11.              The Principal shall nominate any one of the Head of Department to be in charge of recording minutes in Academic Council meeting and handling the distribution there off to the council members for approval. Upon approval, the Dean shall distribute the minutes to all full-time faculty of the college.

12.              All the actions of the Academic Council shall be enforced by the Convener, the Principal and Heads of departments with the concurrence of the Chairman and Managing Trustee.

13.              Since the college is affiliated to the TNAU, its curriculum programs shall be as per TNAU guideline.

            The Participatory Governance Structure is furnished below

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