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               Our College campus has total area of 110.69 acres with cultivable area of 102 acres comprising of 12.19 acres of wetland, 19 acres of dry land, 15 acres of garden land, 26 acres of orchard, 19.5 acres of botanical garden, 5 acres of herbal garden and 4 acres of woodland, leaving about 10 acres for buildings, observatory and roads. Different crops are grown under wetland, garden land and dry land systems of cultivation. Students are taught and trained in the farming skills practically from field preparation to harvest of the crops under different disciplines of Crop Improvement, Crop Production and Crop Protection.

        Meteorological observatory with all weather recording devices is available in the farm to record all the climatic parameters. Crop cafeteria to demonstrate the cultivation of different crops to the students has been established. Green house to grow vegetables under controlled conditions and mist chamber for culturing rooted cuttings of fruit crops and flower crops have been established. In the college farm horticultural crops of flower crops like oleander, jasmine, rose and almost all vegetable crops are grown besides agricultural crops. Orchard is being developed.



        Livestock and Poultry Farm is another important sector in agriculture which plays a vital role with respect to yield of crops and quality of produces impacting the total production of farm lands. Our College comprises of facilities such as animal shed, poultry shed, duck pond, fodder cultivation and appliances such as chaff cutter, identification tools, castigator , etc., essential for Livestock and Poultry Management course. By undergoing this academic course, students would gain knowledge practically about the roles of livestock and poultry in agriculture as well as their development and management.


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