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The Department of Crop Management division was recognized for establishing the field module sciences which consisting of Agronomy, Soil Science, Bio-chemistry, Crop Physiology microbiology and Agricultural Engineering. This division which focuses on primary highly developed future technologies and real -time aspects of fields and crops. PCAS holds the total physical land area about 120 acres with a variety of field and horticultural crops.  In this department at most major areas in under cultivation has been allocated. We have allocated 2 acres of crop cafeteria in which cereals, millets, pulses, oil seeds etc. We educate an advanced technology in agro industry and all the production operations to our students. We have separate field unit laboratory named “Agro-meteorological” from Indian Metrological Department Standards class “A” observatory to represents the students to observe the weather changes and climatic variables on crop production also to depict crop weather forecasting. In soil science and crop physiology unit is to educate the crop and the importance of the soil Agro-ecosystem.



Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

Crop Physiology

Agricultural  Microbiology

Animal Husbandry

Environmental Sciences



Remote Sensing

Agricultural Nano Science and Technology


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