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 The department offers optional courses and project work for students interested in the horticultural discipline. The horticulture division of our PCAS is also favorable towards inter-collaborative steps with other departments in the institutions as well as interdisciplinary work among the different specializations within the institutions. Students are provided the liberty to express their ideas and the promising ones are provided with support to actualize a product/service. The college campus by itself is one of the vast and well-maintained fields of horticultural tree crops like coconut, mango, West Indian cherry, Amla, custard apple, Pomegranate, Jack fruit Taiwan pink and Lucknow 49 Guava and hybrid lemon. Sophisticated Nursery farm for demonstrating and developing vegetative structure of horticultural crops is available with Green shaded net house. The unique placement of the institute, adjoining three districts, Pudukkottai, Dindigul and Thanjavur and has enabled us to influences on the farmer’s expertise of proficiency utilizing governmental institutional and support to provide demonstrations, (Vamban NPRC , Kudiyanmalai Anna Pannai, Govt. Sericulture units, Vamban Krishi Vigyan Kendra, field visits and visit to crop nurseries of horticulture and plantation crops has been routinely done.

  1.   Fruits and Vegetable Crops
  2.  Spices & Plantation Crops
  3.   Floriculture & Landscaping
  4.   Herbal and Medicinal Plants
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