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  National Conference and Award Ceremony on Innovations in Science, Agriculture and Adaptation to Climate Changes organized by MSSRF and CABI PLANTWISE, a big carnival which was overflowed with more than 100 learned delegates from Tamil Nadu and also other States of India on 28.04.2021 at our Pushkaram College of Agriculture Sciences. Honorable dignitaries Dr. V. Chellamuthu,  M.Sc.(Ag.).,Ph.D., Principal, PCAShas cordially welcomed all the dignitaries, Chairpersons, Learned  delegates, Faculties of PCAS by his precious words. Dr. K. Kumaraswamy, M.Sc.(Ag.)., Ph.D.,, Academic Director, PCAS, gave a presidential address, Dr. R. Rajkumar, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, MSSRF, has gave a introductory speech.    Dr. A. Narayanamoorthy M.Sc., Ph.D., senior professor and head of the Department of Economics and Rural Development inAlagappa University, has fulfilled the inaugural address by his pleasant words   Dr. R. Rengalakshmi Director, Eco Technology MSSRF make a keynote address for the learned delegates and conveners. The oral presentation and Poster presentation had started with our esteemed chairpersons Dr. R. Ramesh M.Sc.(Ag.).,Ph.D., Associate professor Agrl. Entomology NPRC, Vamban. Dr. V.M. Indhumathi  M.Sc.(Ag.).,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor in KVK, Vamban. Dr. K.C.Siva balan Farm radio program producer, Trichy. Dr. R. Rajkumar, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, MSSRF. At terminally Valedictory function cum Award ceremony had been started with a welcome speech of  Dr. R. Sangeetha Vishnuprabha M.Sc., (Ag.)., Ph.D., Asst Professor PCAS, has cordially welcomed all the dignitaries, Chairpersons, Learned delegates, Facultiesof PCAS by her precious words, continuing the special address by     Mr. R. Sivakumar M. Sc., (Ag.)., M.B.A., Joint Director of Agriculture, Pudukottai, and valedictory speech had ended by the inspired speech of Dr. V. Ambedhgar director of Tamil Nadu Rice Research Institute, and award ceremony had been started and young scientist, best research  awards was honored to the learned delegates by our chief guests and finally Dr. V. Shanthi Ph.D., Agricultural Microbiology, Asst Professor and organizer of the National Conference had gave a gratitude speech by her vote of thanks to everyone.

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