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            The Board of Governance/Board of Studies for the PCAS, Pudukkottai was established for overall governance of the college and to ensure its accountability to the objective it serves. The following distinct purposes are the responsibility of the Board.

1.                  Develop a strategic plan which must incorporate the mission, vision, goals of the college.

2.                  Review the educational programmes and plan to modify or introduce new programmes based on community/society need within the frame work of objectives of the college.

3.                  Ensure adequate resources and plan for fund raising for the institution in order to achieve the desired time bound and long-term sustainable support a flexible and responsive approach to opportunities.

4.                  Ensure good management and address sufficiently the social responsibility of the college

5.                  Preserve institutional independence, with the confines of the system/policy environment in which the college functions.

6.                  Develop sound human resource development and management policies that enables building up of an institution of international repute with a learning atmosphere for leadership development.

7.                  Relate campus to community and community to campus by appropriate outreach programmes that shall drive the economic, social, cultural and educational development of the region

8.                  Evolve proactive polices to bring international best practice to the region to underpin the development of new enterprises, and prioritize the development of social enterprise as part of its core activities.

9.                  Effectively plan for developing an estate that is fit for purpose with high- quality and attractiveness, and one that enhances the effective utilization and sustainability of proposed infrastructure with improved environmental performance.

10.              Mobilising  financial support for the PCAS, Pudukkottai

11.              Advocating to the students and faculty and the members of the agricultural profession and the community about the PCAS, Pudukkottai

12.              The board of governance shall consist of the following member.

o   Chairman and Managing Trustee

o   Vice Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (or his Nominee)

o   Members of Board of Governance

o   Secretary

13.              The Chairman and Managing Trustee shall be the chairman of Board of Governance and preside over all its meetings.

14.          The Secretary shall be the Member Secretary for the Board of Governance and is responsible for the preparation of agenda and convening its meeting with the approval of the Chairman and record and circulate its proceeding.

15.           The Board of Governance/Board of Studies shall meet not less than two times in a year to transact its business.

   The composition of the present Board of Governance is detailed below:





Chairman and Managing Trustee,

Karuppaiah Pushpathammal Educational and Charitable Trust, Pudukkottai,

Pushkaram College of Agriculture Sciences, Pudukkottai – 622 303

E-mail – kroffice@gmail.com



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