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First Graduate Certificate

                   A first graduate certificate or No graduate certificate is given to students who wish to pursue higher education. Through this certificate, one can receive first graduate fee concession or scholarship. The first graduate certificate is eligible only when there are no graduates in the family, including siblings who were not benefited by the first graduate scholarship or fee concession. The Tahsildar under the Tamil Nadu Government grants the First Graduate Certificate.

          First Graduate certificate is provided to educate children from uneducated families so that the children and their families are guaranteed a bright future. In addition to this, the certificate reaches the underprivileged students who could not pursue higher education due to low financial status.


          The following are the eligibility criteria to obtain this first graduate certificate:

The applicant should be a resident of Tamil Nadu.

No other family member should be graduate.

Siblings should not have received this certificate.

Required Documents

          To apply for this certificate, the applicant should have the following documents:         

                        Ration card

                        PAN card

                        Driving License


                        Electoral Photo ID card

                        Aadhar card

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